Fortifi increases efficiency and profitability throughout all aspects of the global food-production industry. Rather than try to serve every manufacturing sector, we’re focused on food. Whether that’s meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, cheese, dairy, and more, we have the vision to configure complete automation solutions.

  • Red Meat

    Enhance slaughter solutions in unclean and clean lines, chilling and freezing, primal cutting operations, hide processing, deboning and trimming, palletizing, and logistics and packaging. Process more and better products in less time with trimmers and skinners that optimize processing techniques.

    • Primary, secondary and further processing
    • Energy-efficient spiral and plate freezers
    • Automated storage and retrieval
    • Automated palletizing and crating, conveying, in-line weighing and boxing
    • Meat compacting, boxing and box cutting
    • Lightweight, ergonomic trimmers with greater effectiveness than straight knives
    • Efficient, adaptable skinners with quick, easy blade changes and built-in cleaning
    • Fat and tissue removal, derinding and skin patching
    • ·Pre-maturing, drying and cold smoking processes for raw and semi-dry products
    • ·Cooking vessels
  • Poultry

    Increase productivity and product quality with trimmers and shears for advanced yield improvement.

    • Lightweight trimmers for applications including thigh and whole-leg deboning, defatting, thigh trimming and white meat recovery
    • Pneumatic shears relieve hand stress and raise yields with neck removal, wing segmentation, gizzard venting, removal and splitting
    • Wing segmenters
    • Breading machines
    • Separating, deboning, desinewing and grinding equipment for secondary and further processing
    • Automated storage and retrieval
    • Food smoking and cooking systems for further processing
    • Vertical and horizontal airflow smoking units for hanging and lying products Smoke generators
  • Fruits & Vegetables

    Drive productivity with low-maintenance processing equipment that’s easy to use and handles delicate products gently.

    • Destoning equipment and rocktraps to screen out debris
    • Peeling, processing and polishing lines and solutions designed for unique facilities and needs
    • Barrel and flatbed washers, tank destoners and floating debris removers for effective cleaning
    • Hoppers and bunkers to manage pre-washed and clean produce and manage debris while they maintain a constant product flow
    • Bin and bag fillers to minimize produce drop and optimize handling for bins and bags
    • Food smoking and cooking systems for further processing
  • Cheese & Dairy

    Store and process milk and make and manage cheese with automated precision and in-line efficiency.

    • Vacuum packaging
    • Automated packaging, reverse packaging, palletizing and crate management
    • Detection of defects, foreign objects and package leaks
    • Automated 3D de-palletizing, de-cartoning and re-palletizing solutions
    • Kettles, pressure cookers, and mixing, pasteurizing and cooling vessels
    • High-performance, high-efficiency freezers and chillers with automated storage and retrieval
    • Conveyor systems for in-plant and stockpiling use
    • Storage and blending tanks and silos
  • Seafood

    Increase yields, improve product appearance and boost productivity with skinning, cutting, trimming, slicing, and breading equipment and systems.

    • Pioneering powered hand-held trimmers for precision slicing and upgrading
    • Consistent, efficient coating coverage that saves on ingredients
    • Expert application development, with parts and service support as well as design
    • Fast vertical-plate contact freezing for bulk production
    • Food smoking and cooking systems for further processing

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