Fortifi brings complete solutions to life for an entire plant, a single line or even a manual operation. Food processors can rely on us to recognize and address every aspect of production technology. From hardware to software, we provide end-to-end configuration, installation, commissioning and support.

  • Protein processing

    Primary, secondary and further processing from slaughtering and initial preparation to cutting, curing and cooking and on to creation of value-added products

  • Fruits & vegetables

    Post-harvest processing lines for proper cleaning, sorting and packaging

  • Chilling & freezing

    Controlled temperature environments for proper preservation of perishable items

  • Conveying

    Material, product and packaging transport for efficient workflows

  • Food safety

    Monitoring, quality control and adherence to regulatory standards throughout the production process

  • Hygiene

    Maintenance of strict sanitation controls to prevent biologic and foreign-body contamination of products

  • Material handling

    Flexible, adaptable, trackless intralogistics automation for warehouses and production facilities

  • Packaging & Palletizing

    Protection and preservation of food products within production cycles and on to the retail shelf and automated handling and logistics to speed up production and eliminate high-stress, high-injury manual processes

  • Reverse packaging

    Robust standalone or integrated technology for sustainable removal and responsible waste processing

  • Special equipment manufacturing

    Design and production of custom solutions for innovative responses to specific production needs

  • Thermoprocessing food systems

    Pre-maturing, drying, cooking and smoking

  • Water treatment solutions

    Pre-use and post-use purification

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